About Our Client

Located just 12 miles west of Chicago, the Edward Hines, Jr. Veteran’s Hospital is a stunning 147-acre campus that served over 85,000 veterans in Cook, DuPage, and Will counties. At FlowTherm, we were thrilled to be contracted to assist with a renovation project that required a new pressure booster system for the hospital. It was an honor to have the opportunity to support the hospital’s mission and serve those who have served our country.

Hines VA Water Tower

The Project

The Hines VA relies on a 1-million-gallon storage tank that requires constant monitoring and a robust pumping system. When the time came to replace the existing booster system, the contractors and engineers were seeking a sophisticated solution. They presented us with a detailed list of specifications, which included a complex control panel for monitoring the massive tank, dual 12-inch color touch screen HMIs, and 100 horsepower premium efficient pump motors with three end-suction pumps, all to be mounted on a sturdy, structural steel frame that had to fit in their basement-level control room. At FlowTherm, we were excited to take on this project, as it perfectly aligned with our expertise and capabilities.

Hines Veterans Administration

From California to Illinois

At FlowTherm, we take pride in our ability to deliver customized solutions that meet even the most challenging project requirements. For this particular project, we were one of the few companies capable of bringing it to fruition. We fully assembled the tailored package at our fabrication site in Hayward, CA, taking care of all piping, wiring, programming, frame-building, and epoxy coating in-house. We also conducted the system’s flow and functionality testing. By handling every aspect of the project ourselves, we were able to meet our customer’s unique needs at a cost that made cross-country shipping expenses well worth it.


A Collaborative Project

FlowTherm joined forces with Bornquist, Inc. to supply the extensive range of equipment and materials needed for the construction of a large pumping system. Given the limited entryways leading to the hospital’s control room, we developed a solution consisting of three separate parts that could be maneuvered through the site’s tight spaces and then assembled and installed onsite. Once the site was prepared for operation, a seasoned FlowTherm technician arrived to perform the system start-up. It was truly gratifying to witness our pumps in action on the beautiful campus of this VA Hospital.

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