About Our Client

Everett Public School District was looking to reduce overcrowding while modernizing aging facilities within the district. A key project of the initiative was North Middle School.


School Modernization: 

At FlowTherm, we were blown away by the ambitious modernization plans for North Middle School, which marked the first of several district-wide school renovations. The updated campus boasts a new two-story building featuring thirty classrooms, a spacious parking lot, and upgraded facilities such as the cafeteria, gym, and track and field. To achieve the district’s goals of maximizing cost-efficiency and environmental sustainability while minimizing disruptions to students and staff, they partnered with CHC and our team at Flowtherm.


Packaged Solutions for Energy Efficiency and Easy Installation 

Our engineering team has designed an exceptional heating and cooling system that is not only highly efficient but also fully portable, and pre-assembled. This innovative system can easily meet the heating and cooling demands of a variety of environments. We designed the entire system to fit snugly inside a shipping container, which was then transported from our manufacturing site in Hayward, California to the site in Everett. Thanks to our pre-assembly approach, the package was ready to start up with minimal installation requirements upon arrival.


The Re-use Benefit of Packaged Systems

The North Middle School modernization occurred in phases, and the previous heating and cooling equipment had to be removed from the portion of the campus slated for demolition. FlowTherm’s portable and pre-assembled package was installed as a central plant, servicing all affected areas of the school.

By utilizing a self-contained package, the district can easily move and re-install the system at other school sites, providing a cost-efficient and eco-conscious solution. The ability to re-use the system at upcoming modernization projects aligns with the district’s sustainability goals, making FlowTherm’s package an ideal solution for their needs.

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