FlowTherm Systems has been in business since the 1970’s and has been growing ever since.

Up until now, they have grown their business by word of mouth, but with the world of digital services becoming more and more prevalent, it was time for a change.

They decided to keep their logo with only minor changes to it to make it a bit sleeker, and did a complete overhaul of their website. A website that will now offer many resources to contractors and engineers that were not available in the past.

Some of the updates will be:

  • Online product information
  • Drawings in PDF, CAD and Revit formats
  • Specifications and Schedules for each product type
  • And a greater user experience, to help the customer find what they need or find someone to help them if needed.

FlowTherm looks forward to helping their customers even further with better tools being accessible at their fingertips, as well as reaching new customers with their updated website and marketing plans for the future.



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